Room to grow in our new office in Poole

The Daylight Energy team are thrilled to have moved into their new offices in Poole and celebrated by inviting local clients, contacts and suppliers to visit the office for a celebratory drink. The new offices now have a dedicated area for displaying the Tesla Powerwall and other products for visitors and plenty of space to accommodate the growing team.

To reduce the impact of the offices on the environment LED lighting has been installed throughout, the team are being encouraged to recycle as much as possible and we are reducing our plastic usage by not purchasing any single-use plastics for the office and having milk delivered in glass bottles.

The favourite feature for the staff, and the most impressive feature at the office launch event was the REDheat infrared heating solution. Beneath the floor tiles, the infrared heat matting emits radiated heat to warm people and objects in the room for a fraction of the cost of traditional underfloor heating. This highly flexible heating solution also has all the benefits of far infrared heating including improved blood circulation, increased metabolism, revitalised skin tone and improved healing.

David, Sarah and the team send a big thank you to everyone who was able to attend the event and extend an open invitation to local residents and businesses who are interested in the REDheat infrared heating solution, or any of our other products. Please get in touch to arrange a meeting.

David Humphriss Tesla cake

MD David Humphriss with his surprise office warming

gift from the team, a Tesla Powerwall cake


daylight energy team

The Daylight Energy team in the Poole office

Tim, David, Sarah, Jayne and Claire (from left to right)


Daylight energy office launch 2

 Guests visit the new office at the launch event

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