Pub19 exhibition blog image

Team insights from Pub19 Show, London Olympia, 5th – 6th Feb 2019

The Daylight Energy and Green Wing UK team are now fully recovered from 2 days of exhibiting at Pub19 and have pulled together their thoughts and experiences on the event. As the only dedicated show for the UK Pub Industry, the show draws over 4,500 pub owners, over 200 suppliers and 50 expert industry speakers […]

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energy news 2018

The team’s top 5 energy news stories from 2018

Stories about the environment and renewable energy have certainly had a leading position in the news throughout this year. For certain, nobody could have missed the continued impact of TV shows like Planet Earth 2 and more recently, Drowning in Plastic with Liz Bonnin, dominating the news stories. Alongside daily updates on Brexit there is […]

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team office photo

Room to grow in our new office in Poole

The Daylight Energy team are thrilled to have moved into their new offices in Poole and celebrated by inviting local clients, contacts and suppliers to visit the office for a celebratory drink. The new offices now have a dedicated area for displaying the Tesla Powerwall and other products for visitors and plenty of space to […]

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solar pv panel array

UK Solar market hits ANOTHER milestone

It doesn’t seem 10 minutes ago that we reported on the milestone that Solar exceeded Coal in electricity production (for a full 24 hours). Now we hear that the UK Solar energy has reached another massive milestone by generating 50% more electricity than coal in the whole of May..! The article in the Guardian Online […]

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Tesla powerwall app

Brit by Brit: First UK home welcomes Tesla Powerwall + StorEdge storage solution

One of the first domestic Tesla Powerwall storage solutions has recently been installed at a residential customer’s home the U.K. in the southeast England county of Essex. Completed on March 22, the install was among the first of its kind in the U.K. as the domestic solar market shifts from the surging growth that has […]

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rooftops council tax

Home owners failing green targets to pay more Council Tax

Home owners who fail to introduce green measures could be forced to pay more Council Tax. Under the new proposals, the Government would increase Council Tax and Stamp Duty for millions of homes that are not energy efficient. It could also mean families are unable to sell their home unless they spend tens of thousands […]

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energy price statistics

UK energy statistics: statistical press release – June 2016

Energy Trends and Energy Prices publications are published today 30 June 2016 by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The publications cover new data for the first quarter of 2016. Energy Trends covers statistics on energy production and consumption, in total and by fuel, and provides an analysis of the year on year changes. […]

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