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Natural, pleasant and healthy radiant heat warms the surface of objects evenly like the sun

Cold spots, and therefore condensation and damp, are banished

No blowing or drying effects of conventional heating, providing relief for allergy sufferers in particular

A* great product and customer service – great product (UFH) and David provided me with great customer service… Love showing off my new heating. Thanks!!


Easy to Install & Fit

  • Extremely thin (0.5mm thickness) and can be plugged into an existing 230V electrical outlet, so very flexible to install
  • Safe to install and operate due to 24-volt low tension current
  • 10-year warranty on the panels, 5-year on other components
  • Easier, faster and cheaper to install than traditional underfloor heating for retrofitting, renovations or constructing new builds
  • Suitable underneath a wide variety of floor coverings

readheat infrared heating ceiling tiles

Better for the Planet

  • Energy is efficiently converted directly into heat without energy loss or CO2 production (estimated to use 50% less than traditional systems)
  • Programmable room thermostat for direct heat when needed
  • Warmth and comfort generated at 2-3°C lower than conventional systems, reducing energy use by about 20%
  • Direct heat without long lead times, saving money and energy

redheat infrared heating walls

Far Infrared Health Benefits

  • Increased blood flow, regeneration, circulation & oxygenation
  • Promotes elimination of fats, chemicals & toxins from the blood
  • Stimulates metabolism & production of white blood cells
  • Promotes the killing of pathogenic bacteria & viruses
  • Decreases blood pressure and strengthens the cardiovascular system

Suitable for floors, walls, ceilings & bathrooms

Low Surface Temperature – REDHEAT wall, floor and ceiling systems are heated to a maximum surface temperature of 43°C which is the maximum permitted under the NHS Guidance for Safe Surface Temperatures. As there are no hot radiators or sharp edges our systems are extremely versatile and is ideal for care homes, flats, hospitals and educational buildings.

readheat infrared heating in suspended ceiling

Underneath plaster, wallpaper, paint, tiles, carpet & vinyl

Low Energy Costs – In a time where energy bills are becoming more and more expensive, energy cost savings are at the forefront of our minds. REDHEAT achieve these huge savings by heating objects instead of air.


Redheat installation in office environment

REDHEAT was installed underneath the carpet tiles in this office, with the strips of REDHEAT film concentrated in high use areas to minimise energy use.

redheat installation in office


CE Certified for UK Sale redheat heating has a 5 year warranty maintenance free heating redheat is made in Great Britain

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