giving homes & businesses the ability to access, invest in and create clean energy

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We provide various cost cutting, green energy solutions including Solar Photovoltaic, Battery Storage, Thermodynamics, Ground Source & Air Source Heat Pumps, high quality insulation and infrared heating solutions, all of which are designed to help people combat the rising energy prices whilst also increasing their homes EPC (energy performance certificate).

Our customers come to us for clean energy at fair prices and quality service, some may wish to take control of their energy needs and sustainability, others want to look into better ways of investing their money.


bespoke solutions

Daylight Energy Ltd specialise in creating and offering a number of bespoke renewable energy systems that are able to deliver significant savings whilst reducing the carbon footprint of the property. The team are proud to be supplying quality, ethical products that are doing good for the environment and our customers.

The knowledge, expertise and approachability of our experienced team allows us to work with the customer to find the most suitable solution, explained in terms that the customer understands.


We believe that everyone should have access to clean energy, Together we can make a positive impact on the future of the planet.



satisfied customers

From Heat Pumps to Solar PV panels, or from spray foam loft insulation to our unique infrared heating solution, we are proud to have 100’s of satisfied customers.



years of experience

MD David Humphriss and the Daylight Energy team have a wide scope of knowledge and a collective experience of 50+ years in the renewable technology sector.



solutions INSTALLED

Over 1,000 sustainable and renewable energy solutions installed throughout the south, saving homes and businesses energy & money and reducing carbon footprints.

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Our solutions

We pride ourselves on being specialist company offering solutions for all types and sizes of homes; from full-scale off-the-grid projects to thermal insulation to save money on your heating bills.

We are constantly looking for the most efficient and economic solutions, to offer to you to help combat the growing energy bills experienced across the UK.



Daylight Energy are pleased to be able to offer a solution to the ever increasing hot water costs, day & night, all year round.


battery storage

Daylight Energy are rpoud to be one of the few companies in the UK approved to install the TESLA Powerwall battery storage system.

heat pumps

Use up to 75% less energy to heat your home and hot water with air or ground source heat pumps, and claim the Renewable Heat Incentive.


foam insulation

Spray foam roof insulation is one of the most efficient domestic thermal insulation products available on the market today.

solar pv

Solar energy is great for generating electricity and reducing your energy bills, it is also a fantastic investment for your home and for the planet.



The next generation heating solution for floors, walls and ceilings - giving efficient heating that emits radiant heat compared to sun rays.

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latest government incentives

Save costs on your renewable energy technology with Government incentives. We constantly monitor the latest offerings to offer the most up-to-date benefits, such as the Feed In Tariff, Renewable Heating Incentive and other grants or discounts. The latest of these can be seen below…



Receive quarterly payments from the government for 7 years, for installing a Heat Pump in your home.


We regularly update the website to include information on the latest available government grants.

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