UK Solar market hits another milestone

It doesn’t seem 10 minutes ago that we reported on the milestone that Solar exceeded Coal in electricity production (for a full 24 hours).

Now we hear that the UK Solar energy has reached another massive milestone by generating 50% more electricity than coal in the whole of May..!

The article in the Guardian Online (7 June 2016) reported that:

“Solar power in the UK produced more electricity than coal across the whole of May, the first ever month to pass the milestone, according to research by analysts at Carbon Brief. Solar panels generated 50% more electricity than the fossil fuel across the month, as days lengthened and coal use fell. Solar generated an estimated 1,336 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity in May, compared to 893GWh output from coal.

Coal was once the mainstay of the nation’s power system but the rapid rise of solar panels and of climate change concerns has seen its use plummet, leading to a series of milestones in recent weeks.”

Sarah Levett