Daylight Energy shortlisted for Regional Energy Efficiency Awards

We were delighted this week to find out that David Humphriss (MD) and the Daylight Energy team have been shortlisted for two South West Energy Efficiency Awards.

We will find out whether we have won either of the awards at the Regional Awards ceremony on Friday 29th March 2019, to be held in Filton, Bristol.


David Humphriss Shortlisted: 2019 Regional Energy Efficiency Champion of the Year

According to the Energy Efficiency awards, this award is to recognise “one exceptional individual, in each of the 11 Regional areas around the UK, that has shown a true commitment to promoting energy efficiency within their region. This award recognises the efforts of that individual and seeks to thank them for their service to their local community.”

More information on the award, nominees and previous winner can be found on the Energy Efficiency Awards website.

This award is sponsored by energy and environment company Evergen.


Daylight Energy Shortlisted: 2019 Regional Energy Consultant/Consultancy of the Year

This award was created by the Energy Efficiency Awards to reward “one exceptional individual or company… that advises businesses or homeowners about energy efficiency savings and measures... This award recognises the efforts of a fully qualified energy assessor that provides excellent customer service, and demonstrates a high standard of assessment and best practice within their local community.”

The Energy Efficiency Awards website provides more information on the criteria, nominees and winner from 2019. 

This award is sponsored by EPC Contractors engernera renewables.

Sarah Levett