Redheat on its way to the Arctic Circle – in a converted Lifeboat

Specialist heating company Redheat has undergone a successful install in a converted lifeboat which has embarked on a lengthy expedition to Tromsø (Norway).

Arctic lifeboat that includes Redheat infrared heating film

Previously a marine survival lifeboat used in Scotland, Stødig, will be travelling from the UK to the Norweigian Fjords in 2019 under the capable hands of Guylee Simmonds and David Schnabel - and of course trusty dog-hand Shackleton! Having departed from Newhaven on Monday 20th May, their venture is expected to conclude in around 5 months time.

Starting in Newhaven, the team will cross the channel, brushing the Dutch coast and pass into the Baltic. Travelling past Copenhagen and Göteborg they will then pass through the Stagerrak strait (host to a number of frequented shipping routes) and up to Bergen. They then track the path of the Hurtigruten voyage ferry through the fjords, reaching their final destination in the arctic winter, ready to explore the local surrounding area.

David and Guylee came across Redheat while exploring options for renewable and low energy solutions for the lifeboat and contacted the team at Daylight Energy. The thinness and flexibility of Redheat, along with its quick and easy installation and low maintenance needs meant they found it the perfect option for fitting into the curved internal walls and underneath the hardwood lining. One of the main criteria for their fitting out of Stødig with heating was that it had to be as low energy as possible due to the limited energy availability. 

Stodig team.jpg

The guys didn’t just stop here with renewables and eco-friendly solutions. They have also embraced solar and wind energy and have installed a composting toilet.

All of our team at Redheat and Daylight Energy were very excited when we got the news that we were able to support such a special project with Redheat. It has really given Redheat a chance to show it is a great application for low energy heating. David and Guylee also gave me the chance to visit the lifeboat before they set sail. We wish them every success (even if we are all a bit green with envy) and we will be following their adventures online through their social media.
— David Humphriss, Managing Director at Daylight Energy

UPDATE - June 2019

June saw the team experience a bit of a problem with their engine. It cut out between Copenhagen and Helsingør and the team spent around 4 hours diagnosing the problem. With limited success fixing the issue, they ended up hitching a lift on the tow rope of the Danish Coastguard to the closest port. Since then, they have been fixing their engine with some parts from the UK, upgrading their interior living space and making the most of their time at port. On the last day of June, following more engine issues, they were back on their way to Southern Norway - hooray!


You can follow the adventures of Guylee, David and Shackleton on their Instagram (@arcticlifeboat), Facebook page (Stødig, @artcticlifeboat) or explore more on their website

To explore how Redheat could change your heating visit or contact the team. You can experience Redheat for yourself at the Daylight Energy office in Poole - lifeboat not included!

Stodig Rear.jpg
Sarah Levett