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lower fuel bills by up to 75% & earn an income from the UK Government


An Air Source Heat Pump is an unit placed outside of your home or business, that provides heating and hot water for the building by absorbing heat from the outside air.

It is one of the most efficient ways of providing heating and hot water, using as little as 25% of the energy of a traditional boiler or electric system. It is so efficient that it is recognised as a source of Renewable Energy, only requiring electricity to run the unit, not to create heat.


how does an air source heat pump work?

Air Source Heat Pumps work like an Air Conditioning system in reverse, extracting heat energy from the outside air. All air holds some heat energy, so Air Source Heat Pumps can still run efficiently in temperatures down to -20C. The external heat energy is absorbed into a fluid, which is passed through a compressor to increase the temperature. This heat energy is then passed in to the heating and hot water circuits of the building.

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how will an air source heat pump save me money?

The amount of money that our clients save depends on the set-up of their heating and hot water system currently, and the new system that is proposed.

With the heat energy coming from the external air, electricity is only required to run the Air Source Heat Pump unit. This electricity consumption is estimated to be about 25% of the electricity required by traditional heating & hot water systems. New systems can also be more efficient, run at a lower background temperature and be better controlled, giving additional energy savings.

A typical Air Source Heat Pump System will cost between £6,000 and £14,000, depending on property size and requirements.


what government incentives are available for air source heat pumps?

Many Air Source Heat Pumps customers are eligible to receive incentive payments from the UK Government. These are quarterly payments received for 7 years from the date of install, and can be as much as £,1300 per year, depending on the size and comndition of the property.



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This product contains Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases.(R410A)