a solution to ever-increasing hot water costs

A thermodynamic unit titled as a ‘Solar Assisted Heat Pump’ which supplies hot water to a water cylinder night and day, 365 days a year, no matter what the weather.



Our thermodynamic solar assisted heat pump can be best described as ‘A Fridge in reverse’. Most people understand that the panel on the back of their fridge is a factor in keeping its contents cold. Refrigerant liquid circulates within the thermodynamic panel which is fixed to an external wall.

Thermodynamics panel image

The panel acts as an evaporator, absorbing energy from the ambient air and environmental energies.

This is passed to the refrigerant (R134a) which changes state to a gas. This gas is compressed creating very hot gas in the Thermodynamic box and this heats the water that is drawn from the hot water flow from the existing water cylinder.

The water is returned to the cylinder via a ‘T’ into the cold supply pipe to create a full cylinder of hot water up to a temperature of 55 degrees centigrade. This works day and night providing hot water at very low running costs.

Thermodynamic refrigerant box

The Thermodynamic Panel is made of aluminium and is normally fitted to an external wall. Any aspect is suitable. It can be in portrait or landscape orientation.

The Thermodynamic Box is ‘microwave sized’ and is positioned as close as possible to the existing water cylinder. It is connected by Teeing into the hot and cold water flows. The Thermodynamic Box is pre-gassed with R134a ozone friendly refrigerant for an 8 metre distance between the panel and Box. This can be extended to 15 metres.


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